Insight Newsletter, January 2017

For everyone at INSIGHT, 2016 has been a great and productive year! We have completed many projects, and currently have an incredible workload that challenges each of us in a creative way. We are also thankful for the many blessings that have occurred over the last few months, including Joe Bruce obtaining his Architecture License, and also marrying his lovely bride Jessica during the summer. Then in August, we were lucky to have Chris Dwyer join our team, an Idahoan who spent the last few years in Aspen and around the world learning complex architectural styles. The family keeps growing, and we feel fortunate and proud.



Projects Completed

Chateau des Fleurs Eagle, Idaho

This amazing event center was the 2016 recipient of Top Project of the Year by Idaho Business Review for its innovative design aspects. By placing the concrete walls on the inside, the thermal mass was increased dramatically, retaining heat in the winter and cool temperatures in the summer. A unique roof-top water-to-water heat pump system makes it possible for 50-degree ground water to be used as a heat source and to create glycol snowmelt water. To further increase energy savings, the entire Chateau has LED lighting, high performance triple-paned windows, and an advanced automated control to monitor the state-of-the-art electrical system. With its own restaurant, Le Coq d’Or, this center can host banquets, parties, and weddings while guests luxuriate in the European inspired grand galleries and extensive gardens.

03 Chateau des Fleurs.jpg


St. John's Parking Lot and Playground Boise, Idaho

Winner of a 2016 State of Idaho Orchid Award for Contribution to Historic Preservation, the significance of a Gateway steered this project. The restoration of St. John’s Parking Lot and Playground meant building a Gateway for a church, a school, and the historic North End of Boise. The southern Gate has a striking arch with St. John’s Cathedral set in curved lettering, and the northern arch has St. Joseph’s School. Strong and meant to last, just like the Cathedral, the arches in the fence mirror the arches of the corbels on the church behind, and the playground boasts new asphalt designed to last and resist the weather. New trees, shrubs and sidewalk also adorn the sides of the fence, making this particular Gateway a beautiful part of the community.



Human Performance Lab, Boise State University, Boise, Idaho

For this project, INSIGHT relocated the existing Human Performance Lab from the Bronco Gym to the ground level of the Norco Building. Work included storefront glazing, floor fill, interior finishes, mechanical, plumbing, lighting, and electrical. A second floor opening was filled in with structure to match existing features, creating a ceiling for the first floor. Trained professionals perform a myriad of tests on both students and members of the public, determining strengths and weaknesses of the human body.

06 BSU's Human Performance Lab.jpg


St. Luke’s Cardiopulmonary Room, Pharmacy, Infusion Space, Nurse’s Station and Conference Room Wood River, Idaho

Five different spaces were extensively remodeled for this hospital in Ketchum, Idaho. This project craftily juggled construction space and personnel, making sure each department remained in continuous operation. More square footage was provided for new offices, waiting rooms, the cardiopulmonary unit, pharmacy, the infusion department, and a new conference room. Additionally, each space was given a modern and beautiful cosmetic update.



Twenty Mile South Farm Ada County, Idaho

This 14,000 square foot facility for the City of Boise will be Idaho’s First Commercial Net Zero Building, and will be LEED Certified Gold. Biosolids are stored, treated, then applied to fields for growing forage crops that are eventually sold to farmers. New buildings include an Administration Building, a Parts/Maintenance/Storage Building, and an outdoor Bio Solids Washdown Area. The public entrance was relocated to the scale, separating the farm work from the entry area.



Simplot Company Plant Sciences Laboratory Phase 2 Boise, ID

Continuing as a second phase to the earlier renovation two years ago, INSIGHT remodeled additional Office Areas and filled in the existing mezzanine to create more office square footage. Elevator access was also added along with new interiors, a new Seed Storage/Agriculture Lab, and Greenhouse. Airy and open spaces, with clever use of daylighting and bright colors, make these areas inviting places to work.


13 Simplot Lab.jpg


Projects in progress Boise, Idaho

Located on the fifth floor of an existing building, Insight was asked to provide an extensive remodel for, a national leader in transportation and freight management. Paula Dryden, our in-house Interior Designer, provided exceptional materials and design for both finishes and décor.



St. John’s Cathedral Stairway Renovation Boise, Idaho

In need of repair, we are undertaking the task of creating two beautiful new staircases for St. John’s Catholic Church. The steps must be safe for parishioners first, while still maintaining their historical character. The utmost care will be taken to preserve the charm of the banisters, and there is a chance the steps will be heated as well.


Banner Banks various locations

Insight is currently helping Banner Bank with interior and exterior remodels in various locations, both in the Treasure Valley and some in Oregon and Washington as well. Teller areas and offices will be given a modern flair, and plush chairs will provide customers a comfortable place to wait. Daylighting will make the entire building feel airy and bright, while conserving energy at the same time.



St. Paul’s Catholic Community Nampa, Idaho

Insight is currently planning an Education Center, an expansion to the Event Center, and a covered connection between these and the Sanctuary Building. The Event Center will be multi-purpose in nature, roughly 10,000 square feet in size. Additional offices and a coffee shop will also be designed, covering all of the parishioners’ needs.